PATH Across Maryland

Where is PATH headed?

The Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline is also called the “Amos-Kemptown line.” If completed, the high-voltage line will run from the coal-fired John Amos plant in southern West Virginia to an electrical substation in Kemptown, Maryland.

And then where will it go?

Current funding plans approved by PJM and FERC show the line ending in Kemptown. However, earlier versions of the proposal make clear that the purpose of the line was deliver power to the New York-New Jersey area.  

American Electric Power is the major force behind the new powerlines.  In 2006, AEP proposed “Project I-765”  that clearly shows a new, high-voltage connector between Kemptown and eastern Pennsylvania, running eastward across central Maryland.  

Will there be a second stage to PATH?  Public skepticism is fueled by the opacity of PJM’s transmission planning process that is controlled by insiders and power-industry-funded experts.  Maryland officials need to keep their heads up and ask tough questions.


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