PJM’s CEO Tainted by TVA Coal Ash Scandal?

An independent consultant’s report has slammed TVA’s management of the coal ash from its 11 coal-fired power plants.

The consultants reported that “TVA did not have any standard procedures regarding operation and maintenance of wet-ash ponds” and didn’t put a priority on preventing spills or accidents. 

PJM Interconnection controls the interstate transmission system serving 51 million people, including Marylanders.  In 2008, PJM named Terry Boston as its new CEO.  Boston spent his career at TVA, rising to executive vice president.  Keeping those dirty coal plants humming is the core of TVA’s business — 64 percent of TVA’s electricity comes from coal.

What did Terry Boston know about serious deficiencies in TVA’s management of coal ash waste — and when did he know it?


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