Redefining Energy Independence

Putting power where people are instead of putting people where the power is.

That’s what the folks at Konarka — they’re developing thin-film photovoltaics — are talking about.

 “A lot of my career was spent with Motorola, designing cell phones, and the mission there was moving people away from phoning places and towards phoning people, which really changed not only the course of communication, but also how people viewed communication…The thought and the future of having technology that allows people to have energy wherever they are, and not where energy is, is a profound revolution in the way we think about power and power distribution. It’s not about large, grid-tied systems. You wouldn’t have to worry about where the power is. It’s with you.”

According to the International Energy Agency, 1.6 billion people have no access to electricity.  They will not get it through expansions of the transmission grid just as they didn’t get phone service that way.


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