Transmission Update

Project Mountaineer is the scheme blessed by the Cheney Administration to build massive, high-voltage power lines to ship dirty, coal-fired power from the Ohio Valley to the East Coast.

Attention today is focused on one leg: the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline or “PATH.”

On Wednesday, October 28, the staff of the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) filed a motion calling on the PSC to dismiss the PATH filing as insufficient because (1) necessary approvals have not been sought in a timely manner (a reference to Maryland) and (2) updated load projections have not been filed.  The Commissioners have the final say.  More on opposition to “Project Mountaineer” in West Virginia is here.

This follows an October 19  filing by the staff of the Virginia State Corporations Commission moving to dismiss the application because the proposal cannot be evaluated without a Maryland segment.  Commissioners have the final say.  More information on the fight against “coal by wire” in Virginia can be found here.

Things started going south for PATH on September 9 when the Maryland PSC concluded that “PATH LLC” was not eligible to file the application.  The PSC gave PATH 30 days to clarify their intentions, which the applicant failed to do with their October 9 letter.  The Maryland Sierra Club has more information on transmission projects.

PATH continues to enjoy the support of key federal agencies and major power corporations.



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