Where to Dump Coal Ash?

How many times have we heard it?  Coal is cheap!

How cheap is coal depends on how cheaply we value human life.  This question comes up whenever we decide where to dump toxic coal dust.

Maximiliano Calcano is 2 and was born with no arms.

“When I was pregnant, I was dizzy, vomiting and could barely walk,” said Maximiliano’s mother, Anajai Calcaño, 20. “My tooth cracked and fell out. Then my baby was born like that, without arms. Nothing like that had ever happened here before.”

So long as victims of coal-ash poisoning remain silent and powerless, then coal will remain cheap.  The US EPA has not classified coal ash as hazardous waste — yet.

She lives in a small wooden house with no indoor plumbing in a rural village in northern Dominican Republic, not far from where coal ash generated by Virginia-based AES Corp. wound up at the edge of the sea. More than 50,000 tons of coal ash laden with heavy metals was left at a port abutting local homes…

Maximiliano may yet get compensation for her injuries in a Delaware court.

60 Minutes recently broadcast its investigation of the looming coal-ash disaster.

In fact, coal ash dumps are so dangerous, the Department of Homeland Security is keeping the list of their locations a secret.


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