Competition from Offshore Wind

Offshore wind sounds nice to those of us who use electricity.  It’s clean and abundant:

[The Cape Wind Project] would with 130 wind turbines, well off the Cape shore,  produce power equivalent to ¾ of the base-load of Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket.  …the Woods Hole Research Center’s 100 kw turbine, has in the first few days of operation produced about 7% of the total annual use of energy by the entire institution. It is expected to produce annually an excess of energy above the institution’s demand. While the total energy production of all of these machines is not yet known, it will take but little in addition to the Cape Wind Project  to make the Cape and the Islands a net source of electrical energy for the New England region, a powerful example for the nation and the world.

Sounds great for the grand-kids!

But what about the incumbent power generators?  Those poor guys have to purchase coal, uranium, and natural gas to keep the turbines turning.  Then they have to clean up the resulting mess — nuclear waste, coal ash, etc. — or leave it for the rest of us to clean up.   How can they possibly compete?

They can’t.  Which is why they are fighting to hard to block the development of the massive wind resources on the Outer Continental Shelf.  The United States still has no commercial scale offshore wind project.


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