Maryland Joins the Race for LED Lighting

The Maryland Energy Administration has awarded $600,000 to a company developing energy-efficient, solid-state lighting.

“This award will not only benefit TDI and Maryland, but also better position the USA to compete in the global solid-state lighting market,” believes TDI’s president Bernard Scanlan. “Governor O’Malley and his team are working to create jobs by putting Maryland on the road to benefit from emerging technologies that will create jobs, cut taxpayers’ electricity bills, and reduce US dependence on foreign oil,” he adds.

Later this year, homeowners should be able to purchase DOE-certified LED (light-emitting diode) replacements for the 60-watt bulb.

In the meantime, commercial applications continue to grow.  The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida, recently completed a multi-miilion-dollar renovation that included installation of LED lighting in hallways and lobby that are lit 24/7.  Each 10-watt LED fixture replaced two 50-watt halogen bulbs, for a 90 percent energy savings.  The hotel expects to recover the cost of the lamps in nine months and realize savings of half a million dollars in four years.

An added attraction for business is the long lifetime of LEDs which reduces maintenance costs.  The expense of paying someone to replace burned out bulbs exceeds the cost of electricity for conventional lighting.  Because homeowners change their own bulbs, they lack this incentive.  This fact increases the importance of the DOE “L-Prize” which will give homeowners more confidence as they contemplate the switch to LED lighting.



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