Maryland Without Oil?

Solving our energy and climate challenges will require us to find new ways of tapping into the creativity of our fellow humans. We need solutions — not just new hardware but also new behaviors, new attitudes and new ways of interacting that lead to sustainability.

World Without Oil is the name of an experiment with online gaming that aimed to do just that.  Developed by Jane McGonigal of the Institute for the Future, WWO went live in 2007, asking participants to re-imagine their own lives during an oil shock through blog posts and video submissions.  Participants joined in from all over the world.

WWO demonstrated that large numbers of people could be drawn into playing a serious, alternate-reality game and generate “crowd-sourced” solutions to real-world problems.  WWO also showed the potential for stimulating behavior change in players.

Maybe Maryland needs an alternate reality game to help us imagine a different energy scenario for The Old Line state?


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